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Leah Stoudenmire

Leah Stoudenmire

Founder & CEO

It’s a beautiful thing when passion and work collide. For Leah, this means marketing and technology. With 21+ years in marketing and events- Leah left the corporate world and took a leap of faith to start a new venture- which would become The Rock It! Co. She founded The Rock It! Co. in 2014 based on the principle that there is a positive way to Rock It! (in business and in life)!

Founder & CEO, Leah wears many hats and will be involved with your company from start to finish to ensure we exceed all of your expectations! With a deep passion for positivity, marketing, people and memorable experiences, Leah infuses these qualities into her work to help motivate and inspire your team while driving big time results.

They say the key to success is long hours and hard work, but if you ask Leah now, she’ll say it takes the right support and it’s all in how you ROCK IT!