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Rock It!

You know our name (psst! It’s The Rock It! Co.) and maybe you’ve met our team About Us. But do you know why The Rock It! Co. was started or where our name came from? Keep reading to learn!

Our story starts with our founder and CEO, Leah Stoudenmire, who has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She spent nearly 20 years in marketing, sales, and events, traveling the world to manage comprehensive marketing campaigns for premiere brands like Verizon, The Trump Organization, and Raffles Hotels & Resorts. At one point, she lost her job. She co-founded a men’s lifestyle clothing line. After bringing in a third partner and selling her shares, she rejoined corporate America working for a leading technology benefits provider. Leah soon realized there was a drastic shortage of event marketing experts in the tech industry and saw an opportunity. So she did what any savvy leader would do – she built a company to meet the demand.

For two years, Leah partnered with tech and software clients to successfully plan, promote, and produce live events. In 2015, while overseeing an annual conference for PeopleMatter (which later joined Snagajob), she gathered the entire team for a pep talk. She asked everyone to put their hands together and said “You can do this team – let’s rock it!” Folks were fired up – we know because they told us. The positivity spread like wildfire. The name stuck.

Rock It! is a state of mind. It’s a mentality we take on personally and professionally because to rock either, you have to rock the other (often a hard lesson to learn). When we work with clients and their teams, we have to quickly familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs of their business. We have to rev up entire organizations and engage their teams and departments to get on board and support their live event initiatives. We work at a rapid-fire pace while getting buy-in from all stakeholders. We also have to show executive leadership a return on their investment. Whew! That’s not easy.

So how do we do it? We fully embrace the rock it mentality. Promoting positive vibes and good energy stands at the core of our business. Life, your job, and especially live events never go as planned. You will hit bumps along the way, but it is how you handle these unforeseen challenges that says a lot about who you are. It’s all in how you rock it! That’s our differentiator. That’s how we are disrupting the live event industry. We are “ROCKIN’ IT!!!”

Ready to rock it with us? Reach out!