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How to Plan a Conference for the Body

We let you in on how to plan a conference for the mind. But as you know, to maintain a healthy balance, you need to nurture your mind, body, AND soul. In this post, we’ll talk about planning a conference for the physical self.

Let’s walk through a scenario. You attend a three-day conference. The days are jam-packed with content, networking, eating, and maybe a lot of drinking. Exhausting! To avoid total burnout, companies are starting to incorporate wellness programs. That way, attendees leave the event feeling more invigorated and inspired.

To get the inside scoop and how you can pump up your audience, we sat down with fitness guru Cameron Close, aka “Coach Cam.” He is a regular on the conference circuit, helping companies bring health and wellness into their events. Here are his top tips.

Tip #1: Bring in an on-site coach
Break up the day by bringing in a professional to lead guests in stretching and exercise. Plan an early morning “rise and shine” yoga session. Midday, get someone to guide attendees through meditation. Before happy hour, host a boot camp. Get folks moving to keep them engaged!

Tip #2: Set up a wellness pod
We love this idea. Staff a “wellness pod” or station with a wellness expert to provide attendees with 1:1 advice on their personal fitness goals. Attendees can also learn different ways they can bring health and wellness into their office culture once they head home.

Tip #3: Focus on engaging content and healthier meal plans
Lastly, incorporate health and wellness by planning engaging content with rockstar speakers focused on leading healthy lifestyles. And don’t forget about the meals! Plan brain- and body-nutrient food like veggies, fruits, and protein.

Not sure how to get started? Coach Cam recommends starting small and doing just one thing differently, whether that means doing a 5K in the morning or getting people to stretch after the keynote address. If that one thing is a hit, go full throttle and look to add a boot camp next time.

Once you’ve locked in your ideas, make sure you budget for the health and wellness aspect and then promote it! You can drive registrations and get people excited. Talk about a total win.

To watch the full interview: click here.