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Pump Up the Volume

In a recent post, we shared tips on planning a conference for the mind and how to structure your event to maintain attendees’ energy⎼like sharing big, thought-provoking ideas at the beginning of the event, weaving in connections, and adding in surprise and delight. Here, we’re going to share another one of our secrets. To keep energy high, transform your event, and take it to the next level, incorporate… music! Research shows music keeps your brain engaged and improves mental alertness and memory. So pump up the volume!

Think about your favorite song. When you hear it, how do you feel? Choosing the right music is key. You want your audience to react positively to what they hear. Since music is a universal language, you can bring audiences together within seconds of hearing a familiar melody. Also, consider the time of day you are playing the music. Since fast-paced music increases your heart rate, you may want to play Today’s Top Hits at the beginning of the day. On the other end, opt for slower music during a networking session so folks can hear one another.

Below, we share our top tips for incorporating music into your event.

Tip #1: Use technology!
We like services like Spotify to create and organize playlists. Create a playlist you can start and stop during high-energy moments, like before a keynote address. Create another playlist for tranquil moments, like lunch. Include a wide mix of genres, avoid negative songs, and listen to your playlist ahead of the event. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling the day of the event to make last-minute changes!

Psst! You’re not limited to rocking playlists at in-person events. Virtual event hosting platforms allow you to seamlessly play music to your attendees, even if they’re attending your event from home, sitting in their pajamas. YES!

Tip #2: You can never have too much!
Make sure you have plenty of music. The last thing you want to do is hear the same song over and over or sit in silence (gasp!). Our rule of thumb is to add two extra hours of playtime to your playlist. For example: if your event is eight hours, create a playlist for ten hours. You’re golden.

Tip #3: Let music break up the content!
Use music to give attendees’ much needed breaks from content overload. Think of music as the spacer between sessions. Play music to kick things off, during breaks, and at the close of your event.

Attendees would much rather rock to their favorite tunes than sit in silence⎼trust us!