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Location, Location, Location!

When planning your next meeting or event, selecting the right location is crucial because it can impact who attends your event (attendees and speakers). If your venue is just an okay location or too far away from a transportation hub, then it will limit the number of people who will commit to spending their precious time and money to attend. 

Now that employees and their families are starting to travel again, it is even more important than ever to mix business with leisure…drum roll please…’bleisure’! From the minute a guest arrives to the time they depart – use what you have at hand to set the tone for your conference and create a vibe that takes people away from their day-to-day. They will forget they are working, and always remember they had fun! 

The Rock It! Co. thrives off of creating unforgettable experiences for conference attendees (and their guests) – it’s what we do best! We tap into the elements at hand to provide bleisure, at its finest.  

Need a few ideas? We got ya!

  • Provide an unforgettable backdrop! Does the property have sprawling views, historical features or interesting architecture? Use this to your advantage…not to mention, a unique location offers endless conversation sparks! 
  • Keep your guests happy. Top notch customer service is key! Make sure your property offers conveniences of all kinds – including nice rooms, a convenient commute and world class amenities (golf, spa, wellness . . .yes please!) 
  • Incorporate local flare! Drench your guests in a culinary experience that they won’t soon forget. Select menus that are indicative to the area and provide that extra bit of excellence. Also think local brews, spirits and fine wines!

**Bonus** Surprise and delight. Everyone loves a little razzle dazzle. 

    • Morning: Base wellness activities (great for networking without working) on what the area offers. You can also mix in hiking, sightseeing and livin’ it up with LIVE music during breakfast. 
    • Meetings: Create customized signage and branding to enhance the elements you have in a space –  innovative stage designs and backdrops spice up boring conference rooms and are great accents for the brand!
    • Evening Events: Bring on the one of a kind appearances/experiences! Can’t afford J-Lo?! Don’t worry, here are a few ideas that don’t break the bank (but are unexpected and can tie into the area you are in). Have an event outdoors – bring in a mechanical bull, use high flying olympic athletes at an Olympic park, or feature rescue animals, horses and horse whisperers at a local ranch! Those are just a few…

By creating these memorable, WOW-factor experiences, you leave lasting impressions on your guests long after an event is over. Plus these experiences offer unlimited social media opportunities! You’ll have people begging for more and returning to your event year over year!